I work at a Tattoo shop in Brunswick, Korpus Tattoo. It is Just off Sydney Road. Shop 6, 16 Tripovich Street, Brunswick 3056. The closest train station is Brunswick Station on the Upfield Lane. There is paid all day parking around the corner from the shop at the end of Ballarat Street.

How much do you charge?

For smaller tattoos I give quotes based on the piece, minimum charge is $100. Larger tattoos 2 hours and more I charge $180 per hour. I also have a capped full day rate of $1000 for 6-7 hour sessions.


I accept cash (AUD) for in person deposits, or paypal for online deposits. On the day of the tattoo you will be required to pay the balance in cash (AUD).

Are tattoos safe?

Yes. I keep myself to a high sanitation standard, I use single use disposable tubes and needles, all non-disposable materials are covered by single use plastic covers to prevent cross contamination. Hospital grade disinfectants are used on my station, table, surrounding area and any other equipment used in the tattoo process after the tattoo is completed.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, I’m happy to take walk-in or on the day appointments, if I have the time to do so.  If you are after a large custom piece I may need to book you in for another day so I can properly prepare for your tattoo.

Do you need a deposit?

I require a $50-200 deposit for bookings depending on the size of the tattoo, this comes of the total cost of the tattoo.  As a booking condition, deposits are non refundable and are valid for up to 6 months. I am more than happy to accommodate with rescheduling an appointment if needed, provided that you have given me 48 hours notice. Rescheduling without proper notice or cancelling unexpectedly may forfeit your deposit.

Do you do cover ups or reworks?

Yes! However, If I think I can not improve on your current tattoo I’d recommend lightening your tattoo with laser removal. Send me an email if you’re interesting in a coverup or rework and we can organise a consultation to see what we can do!


Can I get a tattoo if I am under 18?

No, Victoria law states that you must be over 18 to get tattooed. Parental permission does not circumvent this law.

What is the best payment option?

Cash only, however I do take deposits via paypal or bank transfer. There are several ATM’s located near to the shop but I’d recommend having cash ready before your appointment.

How should I prepare for my tattoo?

Make sure you come in well rested, hydrated, and on a full stomach. If you are in for a long session bring snacks and water. I recommend you do not drink alcohol the night before your appointment.

Will you tattoo my ideas on me?

I’m happy to tattoo whatever you like on your body provided I can make it into a good tattoo that will last you a lifetime. Please come to me with an open mind, some ideas won’t translate well into tattoos, even if you’ve found an example of it tattooed online. I will not tattoo anything racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or bigoted.